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Our Story

Cartecay Vineyards, located in Ellijay, GA, is situated in the Eastern part of Gilmer County, in the Cartecay region. The region of Cartecay was named by the Cherokee and translates to "Bread Valley."

Cartecay Vineyards was founded in 2007 when we purchased a Farm dating back to circa 1890. When we acquired the farm it had laid barren for many years, and had been reclaimed by Mother Nature. What once was a farm that grew corn and hay, as well as raised cattle, hogs and mules, was transformed with intensive planning and great care, into what it is today; A bustling vineyard full of life, events and music.

The Southern Appalachians in North Georgia are ideal for growing wine grapes. The elevation, the soil and the climate all combine to produce a unique Terroir that provides for the highest quality wine grapes and subsequently, fine wines.

Cartecay Vineyards has Western facing slopes, which allow for the vines to receive maximum sun exposure, elevations ranging from 1650 ft. to 1750 ft., sloping landscapes to help keep the vines' "feet" dry and clay loam soils, which are conducive to growing grapes.

Cartecay Vineyards was planted in the Spring of 2008 with two varieties, Vidal Blanc and Merlot . We have since lost our Merlot vines to disease. Our current varietals include; Vidal Blanc, Traminette, Norton (Cynthiana), Catawba, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot and Chardonel, with more planned.

Come visit with us so we can share our vines, our wines and our story with you.

5704 Clear Creek Road
Ellijay, GA 30536
706-698-9463 (WINE)

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